Meet Srei Mao

Srei Mao (on the right) is 19 years old and is one of Sim’s nieces. Srei Mao is studying finance/economics at the University of South East Asia, Siem Reap and is top of her class.  She lives in a bedsitter in Siem Reap  with Kimly.  Sponsorship of University fees and living expenses provides the means for Srei Mao to live away from home to study.   Last year she graduated from the hospitality school, Sala Bai and began work in a hotel.  She did so well in her job that they awarded her with a bicycle—now she can zoom from work to university and back.  Srei Mao is fluent in English.


Srei Mao stands in the doorway of her bedsitter in Siem Reap