Family members care for the patients. Bamboo splints and healing herbal oils are applied.


Our friends in Som Rong Village recently received a donation to rebuild the natural    medicine hospital owned and run by Sim’s brother, Bok.

The initial donation of $12,000AUD  built the walls and floor BUT NOT THE ROOF!!. It needs a roof, plumbing, bathrooms, power, fans, basic medical equipment and painting inside and out to become fit for use.

We estimate approximately $20,000 AUD to complete the basic hospital and pay creditors.


  1. $5000AUD will raise the roof and put patients under cover!
  2. $5000– fit out bathrooms, power, fans, bed platforms and mats
  3. $5000—repay debts
  4. $5000—upgrade equipment and training

The new rendered brick building is 26m x 6m and consists of a clinic room, store room, hospital dormitory, bathrooms and kitchenette (for families to prepare food for sick relatives).

Please help us by donating now:

Thrive Cambodia—Bok’s Hospital                                                                                                       BSB: 633 000     Account Number:  158 351 890     Swift  Code:  BENDAU3B

or contact us at:     thrivecambodia{at} or use contact form at the end of page

One of the existing hospital shelters

 OUT WITH THE OLD – you can help build a new hospital

The existing hospital, which consists of a series of bamboo shelters with palm leaf walls, is derelict with little protection from rain and wind. Patients lie on mats in the shelters for the duration of their treatment, often with broken limbs bound to lengths of timber or bamboo splints. They are often there for weeks. Family members of the sick attend to their nursing and feeding requirements. Some of the buildings have been removed to make way for construction and patients have been relocated to the cow shed.

The rainy season has arrived and we are desperate to get patients into the new building.



At 15 years of age, Bok escaped to the forests of Kulen Mountain during the Pol Pot period (1975-1979). He was looked after and trained in traditional Khmer medicine by a powerful  Buddhist monk and healer. The monk also taught Bok to meditate and passed spiritual knowledge to him. They believe that the spirit of the now deceased monk looks over Bok and his work with the sick. Bok returned to the village and his family after the Khmer Rouge were defeated.

People come from miles around to see Bok, who specialises in healing broken bones, burns and other injuries. Many are motorcycle accident victims with multiple injuries. Patients pay by donation and Bok supports his family through subsistence farming.

You can help by donating now

Thrive Cambodia—Bok’s Hospital                                                                                                       BSB: 633 000          Account Number: 158 351 890         Swift  Code: BENDAU3B

or contact us

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